Hinge Health

Hinge Health

Are you struggling with joint or muscle pain?

Arkansas State University System is excited to announce that we are partnering with Hinge Health, a digital exercise therapy program!

Hinge Health provides personalized care plans and coaching to help people accomplish their health goals with exercise therapy programs designed to treat muscle and joint issues from head to toe - including back, knee, pelvic pain and more. Whether you’re hoping to overcome nagging pain, recover from recent injuries, prepare for surgery, address pelvic health issues, or find new strategies to stay healthy and pain-free, Hinge Health will assess your condition and match you to a care team to help personalize your treatment.

Hinge Health gives you 24/7 access to therapeutic guided exercises and stretches via the Hinge Health app that are personalized to meet your needs. You’ll also have a dedicated care team (including a physical therapist) to support you throughout your program and help you reach your pain relief goals. Depending on the program that suits you best, you may receive additional equipment, such as resistance bands.

How does the program work? Based on your answers to the 10-minute online application, we will place you in a program that best suits your needs. Once enrolled in any of our programs, you will be provided with a customized treatment plan that will include three pillars of effective care; education, exercise therapy, and support to build healthy habits.

Join Hinge Health for expert care that fits into your busy life. They will ask you about your pain and other medical conditions to make sure the program would be a good fit. Once your application is complete, the Hinge Health team will confirm your eligibility and send a follow-up email in 1-2 business days.

Feel free to reach out to Hinge Health at or call (855) 902-2777 if you have additional questions.

Available at No Cost

Hinge Health is available at no cost because it is 100 percent covered by the ASU System Health Plan.

To be eligible to participate, an employee, spouse, or dependent child must be 18 years old and enrolled in an ASU System Health Plan.

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