Additional Benefits


ASU employees are eligible for a variety of leave time.


Annual Leave (vacation) is accrual rates based on length of service and status.

Classified Employees

Full-time classified employees earn vacation as follows:

Years of Employment
Accrue Monthly
Accrue Annually
1 - 3 yrs
1 day
12 days
3 - 5 yrs
1 day, 2hrs
15 days
5 - 12 yrs
1 day, 4hrs
18 days
12 - 20 yrs
1 day, 6hrs
21 days
Over 20 yrs
1 day, 7hrs
22.5 days

Non-Classified Employees

Non-classified 12 month employees accrue 22.5 days of vacation annually. Nine month faculty and coaches do not accrue vacation.

Sick Leave

Full time employees accrue 8 hours per month.

Catastrophic Leave

Employees who have 80 hours of vacation and/or sick leave in the system at the onset of an illness or injury and have completed two years of service are eligible to apply for catastrophic leave. Contact your Human Resources office for more information.


Campuses are closed for 11 holidays per year. Holidays are either observed on the actual date or accrued for the employee to use during the winter break.

Child Education Leave

Arkansas law provides for 8 hours of annual leave for the purpose of attending or assisting with the educational activities of a child.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Several of the ASU System campuses offer EAP to employees and their families. Please contact Human Resources for more information.

Employee & Dependent Tuition Discounts

ASU gives a generous discount of 75% off undergraduate tuition for most programs to its full-time employees and their eligible dependents. They also discount some graduate programs at 50%. Some programs are exempt from the tuition discount. Please check with the program or your Human Resources office to confirm program eligibility.

Education Leave

Employees may take up to three hours weekly of educational leave during the fall and spring semesters to attend class at manager’s discretion.


ASU encourages a healthy work/family life by providing a variety of services and programs including up to three hours of leave each week to participate in wellness activities. Wellness leave is at manager’s discretion and cannot be used in addition to educational leave.


Employees are eligible for discounts at the campus bookstore.

Athletic Events

All ASU employees may purchase season football and basketball tickets for themselves and their immediate family at a reduced rate.

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