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Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision Statement

The Arkansas State University System will create better educated citizens prepared for a global and technological society by providing quality undergraduate and graduate education, useful research, and dedicated public service.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arkansas State University System is to contribute to the educational, cultural, and economic advancement of Arkansas by providing quality general undergraduate education and specialized programs leading to certificate, associate, baccalaureate, masters, professional, and doctoral degrees; by encouraging the pursuit of research, scholarly inquiry, and creative activity; and by bringing these intellectual resources together to develop the economy of the state and the education of its citizens throughout their lives.
Each component of the Arkansas State University System will be characterized by:

  • A supportive learning environment; personal development, leadership, and service opportunities; and facilities, technologies and support necessary to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff;
  • Racial, ethnic, gender and cultural diversity in the faculty, staff, and student body, supported by practices and programs that embody the ideals of an open, democratic, and global society;
  • Instructional technologies, student support services, and on-line and distance education to advance the purposes of teaching and learning;
  • A commitment to sharing human, physical, information, and other resources among system components, and with state agencies, schools and higher education institutions, to expand and enhance programs and services available to the citizens of Arkansas.

Goals Statement

The Arkansas State University System will ensure access to academic excellence and educational opportunities for Arkansans and all students who enroll in its component institutions by:

  • Expanding participation through increasing access, enhancing diversity, improving service to non-traditional students, expanding use of distance education, and describing the advantages of continuing education.
  • Increasing academic productivity through improved recruitment, increased retention, accelerated graduation, expanded continuing education opportunities, and advanced technologies.
  • Producing graduates who are intellectually and ethically informed individuals with skills and knowledge to be capable of leadership, creative thinking, and being contributing citizens.
  • Creating and disseminating new knowledge through research and investigation.
  • Emphasizing the recruitment, hiring, and retention of the best possible faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Expanding Arkansas's economic development by providing needed graduates, offering appropriate academic programs, marketing the system and its components as economic assets of the state, supporting research, and commercializing ideas and discoveries.
  • Increasing, diversifying, and strategically allocating resources.

In meeting these goals, the Arkansas State University System will hold itself accountable to the citizens of Arkansas for the effective and efficient use of every available human and material resource on behalf of the state and its people.

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