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Flexible Spending

ASU offers flexible spending accounts to benefits eligible employees.  The plan is administered through TASC.  You may check your account and submit expenses on-line at

Once enrolled you will receive a TASC card.  You may use your TASC card to pay eligible expenses at IRS approved vendors.  You may use your TASC card anywhere that accepts credit cards for reimbursement balances that have been credited to your card.  

IRS Approved Vendors

Flexible spending accounts give you the opportunity to tax-shelter income that you can use to pay for qualified health care or childcare expenses.  The money you tax shelter is not included in your federal, state or FICA wages.

  • Health Care: Tax shelter between $240 and $2,500 per employee for eligible out-of‐pocket health care expenses.
  • Dependent Day Care: Tax shelter between $240 and $5,000 per household of annual childcare (daycare) costs.

You may enroll within your first 30 days of employment for the current calendar year.  Current employees who wish to participate must enroll during the open enrollment period each fall for the next calendar year.  Any funds not claimed are forfeited.

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